AluPoly Suspended Ceilings

Our suspended ceilings are made of Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) - AluPoly.

AluPoly suspended ceiling is prestigious and beautiful, flexible and durable. It's one of the most popular trends in modern construction.

Right now, in our world, there are many types of ceiling panels. But what if you want to, not only create a flat ceiling, but also draw attention to a unique and brilliant interior design? In this case, an AluPoly suspended ceiling is the ideal solution.

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AluPoly suspended ceilings are used for residential and commercial premises because of their ease of assembly and low weight. They perfectly fit into any interior decor and therefore occupy one of the leading positions for decorating the surface of the ceiling

The main Advantages of AluPoly suspended ceiling systems

Strength and durability

The Aluminum Composite Panel is very resistant to mechanical shocks and detergents used for wet cleaning

Sound absorption


Large assortment of different colors

Fire resistance

ACP are non-flammable

Water resistance

AluPoly is a lightweight material that is highly resistant to corrosion, therefore products made from aluminum are used for finishing ceilings in damp rooms, such as swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens... where products of other materials can deteriorate after a short time

Installation without dust, dirt or debris

In addition aluminum:
Respects the environment, has antibacterial properties, does not accumulate dust on it's surface, prevents the appearance of moisture and mold in it's premises and is easy to clean with regular detergents